We are
Change Makers


Mimi Ni Nani is a social enterprise founded in 2016 with a mission of catalyzing the growth of African leadership potential to raise a transformed generation of leaders and competitive entrepreneurs.

The Vision

"We envision An African society of passionate people, who pursue knowledge, excellence, freedom, unity and love using own potential, purpose and talents to resolve own issues”.

The Mission

To complement the traditional education system with other sets of skills required to unleash and raise the stars of Africa; the next generation leaders, business people and game-changers.

Our Core Values

Our Values act as our moral compass as we navigate our ship towards our vision. We believe in a society that is passionate about learning, for it is through absorbing new information and experiences that we grow as human beings. The leadership that will grasp Africa’s huge potential and use it as a weapon against the many ills will require to be creative; because it is not our lack of resources that limit us, but our lack of imagination. We believe in leaders who serve the people they lead, leaders who are of service to society. Most of all, we help to groom youth into effective leaders who lead with a high level of integrity and humility.