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    ✪ Become a Mimi Ni Nani student and a mentee

  • Do you want to be mentored by Mimi Ni Nani but your school or center is not part of the Mimi Ni Nani Programme? We try our best to reach out to several groups of children so let us know where you are and how we can reach you.

  • ✪ Partner with Mimi Ni Nani

    We love incorporating new activities and talent into our mentorship programme. If you would like to partner with us in any activities that involve children and youth write to us and we will respond back with positive feedback.

  • ✪ Volunteer with Mimi Ni Nani

    Every year we welcome people to volunteer with us. Every volunteer goes through a simple friendly interview that helps us to understand who you are, your passion and how you can be of help at Mimi Ni Nani. You can volunteer ina ny of the available department depending on your set of skills

  • ✪ Become a mentor at Mimi Ni Nani

    Apart from volunteering in our offices, you can volunteer in the field; in schools and children centers that we mentor. Positions are normally advertised and shortlisted candidates are normally called for interviews and then go through a training that familiarizes them with the children and the Mimi Ni Nani Curriculum

  • ✪ Sponsor Mimi Ni Nani Activities

    If you have the spirit and heart of a philanthropist then this is your chance. We are looking for people who can help us push forward our vision through finances or teaching materials. Let us know if you can help.