What we do

Grooming the next generation of change makers

Our Vision

We envision An African society of passionate people, who pursue knowledge, excellence, freedom, unity and love using own potential, purpose and talents to resolve own issues

Our mission

Catalyzing the growth of African leadership potential to raise a transformed generation of leaders and competitive entrepreneurs


We are change makers

Mimi Ni Nani runs structured foundational leadership program that mentors youths above 12 years old into visionary, innovative and ethical individuals. The program is divided into several modules with each module addressing a specific area and complimenting the module before and after it

Ongoing series of events for different age groups

Ignite The Light

This program is well crafted for youngsters between the age of 12 and 20. The program runs for a period of one month

Unlock Your Potential

This program is for people between 21 and 35 years of age. The goal of this program is to help such people unlock and full to their full potentials



"Professionally myocardinate bleeding-edge "outside the box" thinking before resource maximizing networks. Appropriately fashion state of the art niche markets via premier systems. Progressively incentivize interoperable catalysts for change before tactical web services. Conveniently facilitate timely outsourcing before stand-alone information"

Sifa Tarimu

"Professionally disseminate excellent synergy after e-business process improvements. Enthusiastically scale premium methods of empowerment after inexpensive data. Globally integrate magnetic testing procedures via flexible leadership skills. Interactively mesh standards compliant intellectual capital without timely collaboration and idea-sharing"

Rhonda Biel


Our Curriculum

Module I

Journey to self discovery

Module II

Journey of seeking purpose

Module III

Building Achievers

Module IV

Communication skills

Module V


Module VI


Module VII


Module VIII

Financial Literacy

Module IX

Civic education

Module X


Get Involved

Mimi Ni Nani has adopted an inclusive model where we believe everyone can be a part of the process. For that reason you are warmly invited to get involved in various causes that we support. Kindly find more details be clicking the button below